Tips and curiosities for travelling

Travel tips and curiosities

Endless summer 2021
What a summer! Thousands of adventures and moments to remember. This is what has inspired us in August. More Pinterest ideas
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Cosas que debe hacer un viajero antes de morir
We have asked our community for things they would like to do (and haven't done) before they die. These are the 74 things we think every traveller has to do once in a lifetime. Which one is your favourite? How...
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10 consejos clave para viajar con mascotas
What all pet owners want is to have them always by their side, even when they travel, but the reality is that most of the time, this is not possible. Often because the company does not allow it, other times...
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El decálogo del turismo sostenible
Travel in a sustainable way. There are many factors that we may not take into account when we get on a plane or in a car, and that is that something that may seem so everyday leaves a tremendous environmental...
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