6 essential accessories to organize your desk

Now that you know where to place your desk, it's time to tidy it up and keep it looking nice. Based on the Konmari methodbased on the Konmari method, having your desk organized correctly makes you happier at work and perform better.

Besides a table, a chair and your computer, this is all you need to tidy up your desk:

Stay hydrated while you telework

Whether it's water, tea or coffee, use a thermal bottle to preserve your drinks during the workday. An essential accessory for your desk. Choose the color you like and place a coaster underneath to recycled cork coasters underneath to protect your desk.

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A must-have for writing down your tasks

Although we already have the habit of writing everything down on our cell phone or computer, it never hurts to write it down with a pencil to keep it in mind at all times. This cork notebook with lined pages is perfect to keep on your desk at all times.

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Place your cell phone in a fixed place on the table.

Your cell phone always in sight in case there are unexpected calls. Don't leave it just anywhere, give it prominence with a wooden stand that will help you keep it under control.

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Your important dates at a glance in your studio

Keep in mind the days of a meeting, a holiday or what day you have to go to the doctor are days that you should keep in mind in your office. Leave behind the typical advertising calendars and place a mini polaroid desktop calendar that will decorate your space in the most creative way.

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Ideas de decoración y orden para tu oficina en casa

Home office decor ideas

Remote working is becoming more and more common. I bet, you also are too often doing it on the sofa, in the kitchen or the living room. Well, you might regret it. Want to know why? If you are working from home, keep reading. Here are some tips for feeling comfy and improve your performance.

Practical tips for decorating your office

It is very important that your workspace is one in particular and is arranged in the right way. Pivoting from the desk to the couch will decrease your concentration considerably.

If you want to work in a comfortable place, be productive and increase your concentration, follow these tips:

- Ideally, your study and desk should be placed in a single room separate from the other rooms. You will associate this room with your work office and this will make you more efficient.

- A good light in your workplace is something very important that guarantees comfort and the good development of your activity. If it is natural, the better. Try not to place yourself against the light or against the sun.

- That the table and desk are comfortable and adapt to your needs is something obvious, but that we often do not take into account. Choose the most ergonomic for you.

- Place the computer screen as far away from you as possible, at a minimum distance of 40 cm. You will not tire your eyes and therefore, it will improve your comfort.

- Keep your desk organized and clean. It will motivate you and increase your creativity.

Create a modern home office

Well, now you have a creative desk ready to telecommute comfortably and efficiently. Have you thought about how to decorate the walls of your office?

Don't overload your office, but give it a personal touch in which you feel comfortable. Place a painting, a poster or photos and you will have a cool studio.

Framed photos of your favorite moments

Map of the world with your travels

Polaroid format photo garland

Personalized accessories for your company's office

Just like at home, it is also important that your company's office is decorated and arranged in the right way. Inspire your employees and reward their work by customizing some of the office accessories with your company logo.

Whether for the office or for the home office, it is key that the brand is present and you will convey a positive message. Here are some gift ideas for your employees.

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