The best wall murals for your personal refuge

Are you thinking of giving a new look to your bedroom walls? We specialize in creating the best murals, maps, paintings, prints and photos to decorate the walls of your rooms. Discover all we have to offer:

The most decorative traveler pictures for your rooms

Cork, wood, fabric or paper maps. Hang souvenirs of your travels and experiences to keep alive the memory of everything that makes you happy.

Personalized photos to decorate your room

Polaroid photos, framed snapshots or simply beautiful prints with aesthetic photos to decorate your walls in a creative way.

Sustainable headboard for your bed

A key piece for your bed and the protagonist of your room, a headboard handmade with sustainable materials with which you do not need anything else to complete the decoration of your room.

Ideas de decoración para la pared de tu dormitorio

El dormitorio es el templo del descanso y además de ser cómodo, ha de estar perfectamente acondicionado. Si te has preguntado alguna vez qué poner en las paredes de tu cuarto, he aquí la respuesta. Aquí encontrarás los mejores productos para decorar las paredes de tu habitación según el tipo de estancia o estilo que tengas. Crea un lugar de lo más acogedor con estas ideas:

How to decorate the walls according to your room size

Small rooms

Having a small bedroom doesn't have to be a problem if you know how to decorate it correctly. Give it amplitude by adding a creative headboard to your bed. It will become the star piece and the center of attention.

See headboard

Double bedrooms

Your walls speak about you. In them you express your tastes, your hobbies and your most characteristic features. A composition of photos with your favorite moments, family or trips will give a very personal touch to your room. And it is a perfect decoration idea for double rooms.

Print favorite photos

Children's rooms

A very original idea to decorate the walls of a children's room is with a full color world map. The little ones will discover the world in a fun way and will love to mark the countries and cities.

More children's wall deco

3 ideas for a bedroom with Nordic style

Your Nordic style is defined by natural light, plants, neutral tones and simplicity. Add a touch of cork or wood to your walls to be in touch with nature, something very characteristic of this decorative modality.

Woody Map Led

Map Special Edition

Woody Map Natural

3 ideas for a vintage or rustic bedroom

The rustic style creates a relaxed, comfortable and traditional atmosphere reminiscent of nature. Wood is key to this type of decor. Add a handmade wooden world map to enhance your style and adorn your walls.

Wooden Edition

Map Old School

Woody Map 3D

A little inspiration for your home

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