Ideas clave para adornar la pared de la escalera

Las escaleras interiores son un lugar de paso de la casa, y la pared de este rincón es ideal para colocar fotos familiares y recuerdos de tus viajes. Deja atrás las paredes sosas y añade cuadros, láminas, fotos y otros objetos personales para que tu hogar gane en estilo.

Decorate the staircase rise with your favorite photos

Giving a privileged place to your memories is a way to keep them always present and visible. Choose the snapshots that have a sentimental value for you and frame them with frames of different colors.

Art Gallery

Place frames of different sizes, trying to surround the larger ones with the smaller ones. This way the larger photos will stand out. Create a creative collage of pictures.

Balanced compositions

If all your frames are the same size, place them symmetrically and following the diagonal line of the wall. Never in a straight line, it will create a weird effect to the eye.

Mural of memories

If the wall of your stairs is high and wide, you can also fill it with pictures and personal objects that have an important meaning for you.

Decoration ideas for staircase landing

If the steps of your house have a landing and the wall is not very high, the best alternative so that this corner is not empty, is to place a plant or a decorative object (a basket or a lamp) and add a framed picture leaning against the wall.

If in this part of the house the wall is very high, white and without grace, hang several pictures in this partition, but aligned and creating symmetrical compositions, to give amplitude.

Practical guide to hang your pictures on the wall

Do you want to drill holes in the wall?

Hang your frames without drilling holes

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