Wall Decoration Photos

Pictures that bring a smile to our faces, make us happy, and remind us of unforgettable moments. Decorating with photos is a growing trend and a unique way to embellish our favourite spaces. There are no fixed rules for doing it. You can opt for different sizes, black and white, colour, or add a frame, each format is perfect for dressing your home with memories. Keep in mind a few simple ideas to give your walls a special touch.

On-trend photo formats for your wall

Vintage wall prints

You have a lot of memories and snapshots that you would like to print but you are not sure where to place them. Don't hesitate and do it in polaroid format so that they take up little space.

Fill the wall with your best moments and create a corner of memories. Either with adhesive tape or hung on a craft cord as a garland.

Wooden pictures to hang on the wall

Of all the moments, people or trips you have made, there is always one that sticks with you. Print that memory on a rustic material such as wood. A sustainable decorative painting with quality printing. The wood grain will give a natural touch to your rooms.

Personalized photos with wooden frame

There are many memories that you can frame throughout your life. The photo of your wedding, the sonogram of your first child, a trip with your partner...

Frame all those memories and create an art gallery in the staircase, bedroom or living room. Combine different sizes and enjoy the result.

aesthetics frameless wall sheets

Perfect for decorating a young room, these aesthetics prints with illustrations, quotes and photos will give style to the walls of the youngest. In the shape of a heart, creating a moodboard with other objects or covering the entire wall, they are ideal to combine with LED lights.

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Ideas and inspiration to decorate with your photos

Traveling photos to decorate a world map

Select the best moments of your travels, print them and decorate your world map with the places that stole your heart.

Photo print

Store snapshots in a wooden box

As a souvenir album, keep some photos of your travels in a personalized box, along with tickets and other souvenirs.

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Wooden stand for small photos

A display for your photos that will give a super aesthetic result to your shelves. No need for holes or frames.

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Family photos in a photo mosaic

Select your favorite photos and print them on wood to create an original composition.

Printing on wood

Decorating other walls of the house

Corridor wall decoration

Staircase wall decoration

Dining room wall decoration

Living room wall decoration

Bedroom wall decoration

Hall wall decoration