Original ideas for children's wall decorations

You would like to give personality to the walls of the room of the little ones, but there are so many products and images on the internet that it is difficult to choose. I make it easy for you, just four ideas for children's walls that you will love.

montessori method

1. Children's World Map

It is good for the little ones to spend time in their bedroom playing and learning by themselves, and an ideal way to do this is by exploring the world with a didactic map. You will love these three proposals, which one do you think your child will like the most?

compo of original photos

2. Decoration of children's room

The walls of a child's bedroom should express what your child is like. Place pictures with their favorite animals, colors they love or illustrations they like. Let them be the ones to choose the pictures so that it becomes their place par excellence of rest and adventures.

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Birth of a baby

3. Wooden children's picture

A picture for the baby's room, of great quality and personalized with their birth data. A souvenir of the most special day that will decorate their room with a natural and handmade touch. A perfect gift idea for a baptism.

Poster 20 x 15 cm

Poster 30 x 40 cm

Poster 60 x 40 cm

polaroid format

4. Collage of children's photos

The first years of life fly by. A nice idea for decorating the bedroom of the little ones is to hang pictures of them in chronological order. You will see their evolution and how they grow.

Los cuadros más originales para una habitacion infantil

La habitación de los más peques es un lugar mágico donde sueñan y disfrutan de momentos divertidos. Que se sientan cómodos en su cuarto es algo muy importante, y decorar su dormitorio con colores que les gustan, sus aficciones o intereses ayudará a su crecimiento y felicidad. Has aterrizado en el lugar ideal donde encontrarás los mejores cuadros, pósters y láminas para decorar un dormitorio infantil. Haz de una pared blanca un lugar acogedor, lúdico y bonito.

Guide to hang your pictures

If you want to decorate the wall of the children's room with pictures or posters, keep in mind these ideas and basic rules to do it right.

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