3 ideas para decorar los pasillos con cuadros

Nos centramos en decorar las estancias y nos olvidamos de las zonas de paso, que también se merecen una bonita decoración. No importa si tu pasillo es estrecho, ancho, largo, corto o poco luminoso. Con estas ideas seguro que encuentras alguna que se adapte al tuyo.

1. Framed photos

If your hallway is moderately wide, placing family photos or photos from your travels is a good alternative. Turn your corridor into an art gallery by placing your best memories.

Aligned, creating compositions or leaning on a shelf. Check out all the ideas we have gathered for hanging frames on the wall.

2. A world map to dream

Very simple, do you have a short and small hallway? Hang a world map with your favorite destinations and click memories on it. In addition to giving a natural touch to your decor, you will see it every time you change rooms and it will inspire you to dream of your next destination.

In cork, wood, fabric or paper, choose the one you like the most.

3. Polaroid Photo Garland

A creative and smart option if your hallway is narrow is to hang memories in polaroid format. It doesn't take up any space and your walls will breathe a lot of personality.

Whether taped to the wall or attached to a kraft cord, reveal your snapshots and collect the best memories.

Other ideas for decorating a passageway

Go for wallpaper. If your hallway is very narrow, it is a good option to give it style and not look bland.

The importance of light. Place points of light to give your corridor a sense of spaciousness and a sense of movement.

Place furniture. If your hallway is wide, place a shoe rack or a hallway furniture to fill that empty space, in addition to decorate can serve to store without taking up much space.

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