How to decorate your foyer wall

The hall of your home is usually a neglected passageway, but if you give it a new look with some decorative element, it will change the impression of your home when you enter. Take a look at these three ideas, which one fits your room?

Natural materials

A world map to welcome you

Sometimes you don't need anything more than a picture to accompany the hallway furniture so that it doesn't look empty and graceless. A world map with your travels marked on it is an excellent option to inspire you to travel every time you come in from the street. In cork, wood, fabric or paper...choose the one you like and give your home a traveling look.

Family photos

A triumphal entry with personality

Having framed family and travel photos all over the house makes us feel better. But imagine coming home from work or shopping and the first thing you see when you open the door is your favorite people and unforgettable moments you've experienced hanging in your foyer. It brings you peace of mind and comfort. Supported or hung as a collage, let your imagination run wild.

Warm welcome

Wreath with souvenirs and lights

If you have little space in your hall, making a garland with polaroid photos of your favorite moments and placing lights is a very creative alternative. It will bring you comfort and you will have a simply perfect hall. Make a selection from your gallery with the snapshots that transmit good memories and develop them in different formats.

Ideas de decoración para la entrada de casa

Cada entrada es única en cuanto a distribución. Unas son amplias, otras estrechas y largas, otras de tamaño reducido y otras están integradas en una estancia. Sea como sea el acceso a tu casa, estas ideas para la pared te inspirarán a darle un aire nuevo y con estilo.

Inspiration for your foyer wall

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