Where do you keep your best memories?

Memories can be snapshots of unforgettable moments, souvenirs of countries visited or experiences, people, places, and dates that you keep deep in your heart.
Your remembering deserves a special place: luckily, you are in the right place to find out how to preserve them forever.
Here are some awesome ideas for keeping your best memories forever.

Unique ideas for holding memories

At Miss Wood, we create soulful products to help you remember your most incredible adventures forever. We exclusively use sustainable materials and work with local producers. In addition, most of our items are produced in our workshop, allowing us to 100% customize them for you.

Read on and discover the best products to keep your memories.

Print your best pictures

The sunset with friends, your niece's birth snap, the last road trip, family Sundays; don't let the most beautiful shots get lost in your phone's gallery. Select your faves and print them to decorate the walls of your home or gift them as souvenirs.

Framed photos

Polaroid photos

Pictures on Wood

Maps to remember your travels

Have you ever stopped to think about all the places you visited? Locate them on your map and pin them so that you can remember them forever. Add some photos, flyers, and museum or concert tickets for an extra personal twist. Place the map on the wall and live your best adventures over and over again.

Choose the design you prefer, the ideal size and customize your world.



Cotton Maps

A special box for your memories

A wooden box is perfect for storing the memories of a special day, like your wedding. All those little objects full of meaning to treasure forever: the invitation, the wedding cake topper, the flowers from the bouquet, the seating plan or the Polaroids taken at the altar.

With its customized lid and front, it is ideal to use as a decoration on a shelf. Moreover, you can collect many and stack them on top of each other: your wedding, your baby's birth son or that life-changing trip to India.

Custom key rings for collecting adventures

Collect your memories and experiences, everything you can't keep but want to hold forever: the name of your better half, a memorable date, a song that brings you back to a magical moment or your astrological sign.

Anything that identifies you and shows who you are. Customize your tags and take them wherever you go as an amulet on your key ring.

Tag (Flag)

Tag (Love)

Tag (Text)

A wooden sign to immortalize a birth

The birth of a child is a unique, life-changing moment. A day you will never forget, the most beautiful memory in the world. And, of course, it deserves to be celebrated in style.

Personalize this wooden sign with the baby's first details and hang it in the nursery. An incredible adventure that will remain in your heart and on your home's walls to relive this magical day forever.


Travel journal for the most incredible adventures

This cork notebook is perfect for planning or jotting down all your travels. And, to enjoy it the most, here's a little tip: every time you go somewhere new, write down the day's activities before you go to sleep. Then, once back home, add photos and other mementoes, such as flowers, tickets, or anything else you want to keep.

Turn this notebook into your most special travel journal. And to make it even more unique, you can customize the cover with your favourite design.

Notebook A5

Notebook A6

Customised Notebook

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