New Fundraising for Breast Cancer research

Nueva Campaña de recaudación contra el Cáncer de mama

Throughout October, we will be running a fundraising campaign to fight breast cancer and other cancerous diseases that affect a large part of the world's population.

​​Do you want to collaborate?

Our initiative involves solidarity rounding up on our website, whose funds will go entirely to the AECC - Spanish Association Against Cancer, for research and prevention.

To donate, all you have to do is place an order (no minimum purchase) and, just before making the payment, enable the solidarity rounding up, choosing between 3 small amounts.

It is not the value that is important but the gift itself, because every small contribution counts and together, we can make a big difference to improve many people's lives.

1. Add a product to the cart (no minimum purchase)

2. Enable solidarity rounding up at checkout

3. Donate to a good cause

19 October - International Day Against Breast Cancer

Did you know that prevention and early detection reduces the probability of death by 25%?

Approximately half of all cases are found in a sample of women with no identifiable risk factors, so it is necessary to self-exam yourself to prevent or identify it in time.

It is also essential to be aware that it is a problem that can happen to you and those around you: your mother, sister, cousin, friend... So please do it for yourself and them! It can save lives.

How to prevent it?

- Follow a healthy, balanced diet and exercise.

- Regularly self-examine your breasts, checking for lumps or any other suspicious signs like changes in how your breasts look or feel.

- See your gynaecologist for a mammogram or breast ultrasound.

Our fundraising campaigns

This is not the first charitable campaign carried out by Miss Wood. Our commitment is to take care of our Planet as much as we like to enjoy it:


Throughout November 2014, our founders Albert and Javier grew moustaches to join the Movember movement. Furthermore, we donated 7% of online sales to Movember Spain, adding a Woody with a moustache for free to every order placed.

Women in Wood

Special edition of Woodies in collaboration with artist Marta Bellvehí. In March 2017, we donated 15% of this product sales to the Amanixer Association (Aragonese Association of Women with Disabilities).

Water for Senegal

In 2018, we supported the People of Hope campaign to build wells and donate water purification filters to Senegal through our social networks. For every like received, we donated €0.50 to the campaign, along with more than 50 notebooks.

Collaboration with AECC

Many awareness-raising campaigns through our social networks.

Gratitude for the Planet

Since June 2020, we have been a Business for Nature in partnership with WWF to support the fight against climate change.

Logo WWF empresa amiga

Fight against Covid-19

In 2020, we carried out two fundraising campaigns to support the coronavirus research, managing to donate €7,126 to the IRSICaixa foundation.

For a better planet

There are many ways to help, and all of them are important. Through support, collaboration and solidarity, we can advance cancer research and treatment. Non-profit organizations need us, and we are proud to help them spread the word.

For a better life and a better planet.