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Customized Gifts for Companies

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the image you choose for your company or brand through an advertising gift, whether for your employees, suppliers or clients, is super important.

Forget about standard merchandising gifts such as lighters, pens, or shoppers. Dare to be different and go for a handmade eco-friendly gift at the best price.

Our products are designed for any type of company:

Travel agencies | Start-Up | Ecommerce | Hotels | Airlines | Restaurant Chains

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Corporate Gifting Made Easy

Reinvent your brand image and differentiate yourself from the competition with unique handmade items. Get inspired:

Employees Welcome Kit

Now that remote working has become a part of our lives, it isn't always easy to connect with our team. One way to get closer to your employees and give them a taste of the brand vibe is by providing them something they can use in their home office to increase productivity. Stand out with our ideas:

Scented candle

Our world-shaped candle comes in different colours with a candle cork holder you will be able to customize with your company, brand, or agency logo, as you can for the sticker outside the box. Decorative scented candles will help your employees create a unique atmosphere at home, making them feel more comfortable and intimate.
From 8€

Custom Thermal Water Bottle

Looking for the perfect gift for your employees? Personalize an insulated steel bottle with your company logo. Whether for the office, home or sports, they can take it wherever they go. It will keep their drink hot or cold while helping avoid the consumption of single-use plastics.
From 7€