3 top ideas to decorate living room walls

Stop wasting time on the internet looking for ideas and inspiration that do not really meet your needs.

We have precisely what you are looking for: here are 3 ideas to give your walls a lively vibe.

World maps to dream on

Large wall art for your living room

A giant world map above the sofa will become the centre of attention and the star of your living room. Perfect as inspiration to pick your next destination and to relive your best adventures over and over again.

Custom picture collage

Picture frame ideas for living rooms

As simple as that: develop your favourite shots and hang them on the wall to give your home a personal touch. Play with sizes and frames to create the composition you like best. A perfect option for the top of a cabinet, to embellish a white wall or above the sofa. Below is a quick guide with many ideas for unique compos.

Polaroid trend

A living room full of memories

If you want to add a retro twist to your comfy space, print some Polaroid shots and hang them in the corner of your living room. Whether with double-sided tape or hung on a cord with wooden clothes pins, your guests will most definitely enjoy your collection of memories. Pick the format you like best and bring your best moments to life.
Las mejores ideas para decorar las paredes de tu salón

The best ideas for your living room walls

Decorating the living room walls can be difficult. And, if you are here, it's because you are looking for something different to give a stylish twist to the room where you spend so much time. No more empty, boring spaces. Fill your home with beauty by adding a touch of personality thanks to our unique ideas and inspirations.

How to hang pictures on the wall

You already decided how to dress your walls. Perfect! You are only a few steps away from being able to admire the result. However, there is just one last detail you shall not overlook: how to hang pictures on the wall in the right way so that the effect is as expected.

It may sound easy, but like all things, there are a few tricks you need to know. We want to help you do it like a PRO. Take a look at our step-by-step guide. It will be super helpful.

Complete your living room decoration with unique details

Nordic, modern, classic, or rustic; whatever your style, these accessories are perfect for decorating the living room. And a great gift idea for friends who just moved into a new home.

Scented candles

Bringing warmth and tranquillity, this candle with a unique design will transport you to the other side of the world. Natural fragrances
Discover our candles

Keepsake Box

Stop abandoning your dearest memories and souvenirs in drawers around the house. This wooden box is perfect for storing them and decorating your living room with a natural twist. Custom product.
Customize the box

Wooden sign

A motivational quote always helps us get through the day. Pick the model you like best and place it next to a plant on the floor. Perfect for adding a classy twist to the room. 100% handmade.
See signs

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