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Unique gifts to match your wedding

If you're here, you want to create the perfect wedding favors for your special day. Great, you are in the right place. Discover our selection of innovative gifts for the people you love most— a vast option of small eco-friendly, sustainable souvenirs to turn your celebration into an unforgettable moment.

The presents you dedicate to your ceremony attendees should match your wedding day without you having to spend a fortune. Look no further, and we have exactly what you need.

productos originales que regalar a tus invitados en tu boda

​​7 unique ideas to surprise your guests

So many things to prepare for your wedding day, more than you can imagine; that's why, when it comes to wedding favours, we want you not to have to worry. Here are some perfect gift ideas for your special day:

Personalised wooden keyring

Create a beautiful memento of your unforgettable day with our personalized wooden tags - a keyring with the ceremony's date, the names of the guests or the bride and groom's initials.
Keyrings for wedding guests

Scented candles

Your wedding day will forever be one of the most meaningful moments in your life. Remember it elegantly by gifting your guests with a world-shaped scented candle. You can also customize the label and the cork candle holder with your wedding logo. Every time the candle flame is burning, they will recall the best memories of your special day.
Wedding favours candles for guests

Custom Notebook

A unique wedding favour to accompany your guests on each new adventure: a personalized cork notebook in A5 or A6 format. Choose a creative cover or rely on our design proposals to impress your guests so they can fill the pages with incredible stories and anecdotes.
Notebook as a wedding gift C

Custom Calendar for wedding

Giving a calendar at the beginning of a new year is an idea that never goes out of fashion. But if the calendar we talk about is also customized with pictures and memories of the person it is intended for; it makes an incredible gift.
Print calendar

Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Thanks to its technology and the materials used, the Miss Wood Bottle keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature. The double steel wall allows you to carry and drink hot tea or coffee without burning your fingers, and, at the same time, insulates the liquid from the outside temperature.
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Cork maps of the World

Our cork Woody Maps allow you to personalize your world. Fill it with the flags of your fav countries, stickers with the best of each place, photos to remember the most incredible moments or LED strings to make your adventures shine bright.
See map for wedding

Recycled leather travel accessories

A collection of essential accessories for your travels, made of 100% recycled leather and silk-screen printed with our favourite design. It is an exclusive collection with limited stock, and we don't want you to miss it! The result is very durable, sustainable and safe leather.
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Where to store your wedding memories?

A day full of emotions, moments you will never forget that deserve to be kept forever. Imagine this wooden box with a photo of the big day filled with the most precious memories: the invitations, a flower from the bouquet, the cake decoration, a place card and everything else you'd like.
regalo de boda caja de madera personalizada para los invitados