Best decorating ideas for your personal shelter

Thinking of a bedroom restyling? We are specialized in creating wall art, maps, paintings, posters and photos to decorate every room. Discover our selection:

A map to dream on

Cork, wood, canvas or paper world maps. Add your travel souvenirs to keep the memory of all your best experiences alive, and choose new destinations to explore.

Custom pictures to decorate your bedroom

Polaroids, snapshots, framed photos or simply beautiful prints and posters to decorate your walls with style.

Eco-friendly headboard for your bed

Our headboard will become the room's star as a key piece for your bed. Handmade from sustainable materials, it will add a handcrafted touch to your bedroom decor.
Ideas de decoración para la pared de tu dormitorio

Creative ideas for bedroom wall decor

The bedroom is the temple of rest, and, besides being comfy, it must be perfectly decorated. So, if you are wondering what to hang on the walls, here is the answer. We offer the best products for decorating bedroom walls according to your room type or style. Create a cosy space with these ideas:

Best decorating ideas according to the bedroom size

Small bedrooms

Having a small bedroom is certainly not a problem if you know how to decorate it properly. Make it more spacious by adding a wooden headboard. It will add a natural touch to your intimate place.
See headboard

Double bedrooms

Your walls speak of you; of your tastes, your hobbies and your personality traits. Create a photo collage of your favourite moments, the people you love most or all the adventures you experience together. You’ll love it.
Print your favourite photos

Kids’ rooms

The best idea for decorating the walls of a children's room is to add a world map to colour. This way, the little ones can discover the world while having lots of fun.
More cool kids' bedrooms ideas

Best ideas for a nordic decor bedroom

The Nordic style is defined by natural light, plants, neutral tones and simplicity. Add a touch of cork or wood to your walls to give a handcrafted twist to the decoration of the space.

Woody Map Led

Map Special Edition

Woody Map Natural

Best decorating ideas for a vintage bedroom

The rustic style creates a relaxed, comfortable and traditional vibe. Wood is the key to this decoration. Opt for a handmade wooden world map to enhance your style and adorn your walls.

Wooden Edition

Map Old School

Woody Map 3D

A little inspiration for your home

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