3 sustainable gifts for your boyfriend

3 detalles sostenibles para regalar a tu novio

One of the many reasons you love your boyfriend is his commitment to the environment. That's why he deserves a gift matching his ideals. A plastic-free present, made from eco-friendly materials and manufactured locally. Here are 3 gift ideas he will adore.

1. Water bottle

Ideal for the office. He probably already has one, but this one is really something. Made of stainless steel, BPA-free and easy to carry, it is perfect for the office or travelling. It keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Pick your favourite colour and you're done.

2. Zero Waste Shaving Kit

Remember the old razor blades, the ones our grandparents or dads used? Well, they are back in fashion and are the most sustainable option for shaving. The kit includes the razor, extra razor blades and a 100% organic oil.

I am sure your boyfriend will be super happy with the result. Plus, it will help to reduce plastic waste.

kit de afeitado zero waste

Fuente: Esturirafi.com

3. 100% sustainable sweatshirt

I recently discovered this brand, TwoThirds, and thought you should definitely check out their 100% eco-friendly menswear. Plenty of basics that can't be missing in your boyfriend's wardrobe. And now comes the hardest part, selecting the perfect outfit.

sudadera chico sostenible



If you are looking for more sustainable gifts to surprise your lover, here you will find unique products, handmade with sustainable materials and manufactured locally.

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