Tourist VS Traveler

Turista VS Viajero

Do you know the difference between a tourist and a traveler? In this small decalogue we make a summary of the most notable things among them, help us to complete it by leaving us your ideas in the comments or through any of our social networks.

1. Tourists generally go to tourist places and want to see the most famous sites of the city, while a traveler escapes from this and goes to visit the historical centers and the small squares or hidden beaches.

2. Tourists end up in restaurants where yes, there is typical food from the area, but generally with many changes to adapt it to palates that are not used to it. Instead, travelers end up in small restaurants where locals eat and where the owners probably don't speak any English, so every meal is a surprise.

3. Tourists take pictures of all the famous sites, while travelers take pictures of that curious bicycle they have never seen before, or of that little chapel embedded in the street wall.

4. Tourists generally travel with family or organized groups, while travelers move alone or with another person.

5. A tourist will learn some words or phrases in the native language, a traveler too, but they will return with three times the vocabulary when they get together with natives of the area.

6. A tourist haggles, a traveler has learned the needs of the area and pays a fair price.

7. Tourists do not bother too much to consume local products and that the money they spend stays in the community, a traveler makes sure to always buy in shops belonging to local people.

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