Come to know Sintra, a dream city.

Ven a conocer Sintra, una ciudad de ensueño.

Today we come to tell you about Sintra, a small and beautiful Portuguese city located near Lisbon, under the Serra de Sintra mountains.

It has an incredible variety of palaces and historical buildings with fascinating beauty, and it is that for a time, this city attracted the Portuguese nobility and elite. This is why today it is one of the most coveted destinations to visit.


Sintra, like Portugal, has a temperate climate with a lot of Atlantic influence, so in certain months it is normal to find cold winds from the ocean. From Miss Wood we believe that the perfect time to go would be the months of April / May / June or September / October / November, to avoid the months of real cold and heat.


As we mentioned, Sintra has incredible architecture and a very powerful mix of cultures that is reflected in it. Although it is a not very extensive region, there are a thousand things to see, depending on what we decide to stay there. But in our selection of sites that you should not stop visiting are:

Palacio de la Pena is one of the symbols of this wonderful city. With its colorful facades it will make you feel like a true story. This palace, built in the 19th century, was the residence of the Portuguese royal family during that time and currently both the palace and its amazing gardens are among the most visited monuments in the region.

If you have already been strolling through the center, we are sure that you have already seen the two white chimneys that stand out from the city. Indeed, it is the Sintra National Palace. You will be able to visit the royal rooms, the great rooms, the kitchens… a true experience!

The Montserrate palace totally conquered us. This small palace was ordered to be built as a summer house. It is surrounded by gardens with ancient trees and a great floral diversity, it is really beautiful. Of course, the sunset views are incredible, so don't hesitate to match your visit with the late afternoon. You won't be disappointed!


We always try to give you recommendations of what you can miss at a culinary level, but you cannot leave Sintra without trying its incredible wines. Yes, yes, as you listen, the wine culture of this region is incredible. If you have time, you should take a route or a tasting of the local vineyards and thus know all the history that characterizes them.

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