The 5 essential travel accessories for a travelling soul

Los 5 accesorios de viaje imprescindibles para un alma viajera

If your thing is to travel and see the world, it is essential to be well equipped for every occasion with the best and most suitable travel accessories. Of course, it is not the same to go on a trip to a big city as it is to go backpacking with your clothes on, but it is always necessary to take some basics for any occasion.

There are items that are always necessary to travel and that are useful in any type of displacement, whether by car, train or plane. Having travel accessories that can last you a lifetime is great for your pocket and, at the same time, much more sustainable for the environment.

But, we have all happened that, even making a list, we always forget some travel item that is essential. To prevent you from forgetting your useful travel accessories, we give you some tips on our essential travel accessories that every travelling soul needs.

Essential travel items

The Backpack

You can't go on a trip without a backpack, it's the main basic travel item you'll always need and will accompany you on all your adventures. The interesting thing is to look for a backpack to travel with and that you can also use for daily use, where you can carry the other basics always with you.

Even if you take a trip to a more urbane destination a medium-sized backpack is ideal for small daily getaways and for exploring the city hands-free.

If, on the other hand, you are into backpacking, we recommend that you always take two. One specific to this activity and that you can use to carry all the useful accessories to travel wherever you go and one of medium size, for when you can leave your big luggage and be able to move freely with what you need.

A reusable bottle

Water is essential on a daily basis, but when you travel, and even more so in the summer, you must always be hydrated and have access to water. The best way to do this is to have a reusable bottle, this way you can take care of the planet at the same time as you hydrate.

One of the best options on the market are the stainless steel bottles. Very resistant, light and environmentally friendly.

In addition, if it has a double steel wall, it will keep the water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. This is great, whether you travel in the summer or in the winter to hydrate and cool or heat as needed.

Notebook or travel diary

You are one of those who keeps all those tickets, train tickets and funny wrappings, etc. There is nothing like the memory of a trip written in the first person and with the fresh events.

So a booklet where writing down the day-to-day is a lifelong memory. Choose one that is beautiful, that inspires travel and you can fill it with words and creativity.

Organizer bags

Whenever you travel it is important to carry everything well organized in your backpack or suitcase. That's why organic cotton bags are ideal for this. You can use them to classify different changes of clothes, or to separate your clothes from other items such as your documents, passport, visas, etc.

Cotton bags are not only environmentally friendly and reusable, but also give you the ability to carry everything in a much more orderly manner, knowing how you have sorted your luggage. Above all, if you have a backpack and have to do and undo everything all the time, it will be very useful to carry everything in packages.

A map

Although nowadays with mobile phones we have it almost solved, having a map of our destination is essential to move if we do not know much about the place. It doesn't matter if the map is in paper or electronic format, but it is very important to get lost and to be able to plan the visits.

However, paper map lovers have a bonus: it doesn't matter if your terminal runs out of battery, it always works.