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Travel Gifts

Gifts for Travel Lovers

You probably have a friend who travels non-stop, has visited more than 30 countries, and sets off every weekend to discover new places. With a special date coming up, you'd like to give him a unique gift to remind him of all his adventures forever. You've come to the right place to find the perfect present.

Best travel gifts

Sometimes it is hard to choose the perfect destination. Of course, social media, the Internet, or friends already been there contribute to our desire to visit that place we have long dreamed of. Pin all the destinations you would like to see on a travel map; it will be your daily motivation to go on an adventure.

Great! If you already know your next destination and even got your tickets, it's time to choose the best area, organize activities and note down the places you don't want to miss. There's nothing like a travel journal made of cork or recycled leather to jot down every detail.

scratchbook- libreta para escribir con fotografías

Essential products. Travel kit

There is one very important thing to choose before going on an excursion or a long trip. It's the backpack where you'll put everything you need: the camera, your documents, a lonely planet, spare clothes, etc.

Miss Wood has the perfect travel backpack for your daily adventures, comfortable and with plenty of space for all the essentials, also ideal as a gift for that friend always travelling around the world.

Another must-have item when exploring new places is a reusable thermal bottle. It will help you keep your drink cool and take care of the environment. Here you can find a variety of colours in stainless steel and BPA-free.

libreta de corcho epic ideas
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Unique Travel Gifts

If you have a friend who spent the last few years of his life travelling, you know he deserves a gift to remind him of his best adventures. And at Miss Wood's, we have just what you're looking for.

Assuming he doesn't already have one, a map of the world to pin all the places he visited is something he'll never forget. It's the best gift, and he can also decorate it with the best souvenirs: the funniest photos, plane tickets, concert flyers…

If you want to add an extra detail to your gift, you can complete the map with LED lights or world flags to mark the countries he's been to.

Mapa de corcho del mundo decorado con fotos y luces led
Caja viajera de madera para guardar recuerdos personalizable

Finally, a timeless classic: Polaroid photos. Print the best shots of each trip to remember the most incredible adventures forever, hang them on the map, on the wall or keep them in a memory box.

Customized gifts for people who travel

The best thing about a trip is not the journey per se, but the memories of the adventures from when you start planning it until you return home. Moments that will stay in your memory forever, inspiring you to pick your next destination.

Caja de madera personalizada apilable

A personalized keepsake box is an unique gift, perfect for that travelling friend of yours. Fine design and top-quality raw materials to store the best souvenirs of every experience.

Another awesome present for travellers is a map of their favourite city. Add a title that identifies them and leave all your nomadic friends speechless. They'll be able to pin their favourite places, those yet to be discovered and much more.
Tags personalizadas con nombres, encima de una mesa con ramitas de flores

If you prefer a small detail, our Tags are the best idea. Pick the flags of the countries visited or the names of special places, et voilà. It is a must-have accessory for the keyring of that friend of yours always travelling around the world.

Personalized gifts for people who like to travel

If you're looking for a gift for a traveller, we are here to help. Everyone dreams of travelling the world and exploring every corner of our amazing planet. So whether it's a long weekend, a holiday, or a short getaway, any occasion is a good one for a trip out of town, even if it's just the village a few kilometres away from your home.

All our products are unisex, perfect for him and for her.

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Unique Travel Gifts For Couples

Your friends have been engaged for a few years. Now, they decided to take the plunge and move into a new flat together. Give them something special like a cork map of the world, perfect for decorating the living room and reminding them of all the destinations visited.

You received an invitation to your best friend's wedding. After years of a nomadic relationship travelling around the world, he and his bride-to-be are about to say 'I DO'. Surprise them with a political world map canvas, so they can pin all the places they've been together. The best part? They can keep looking for more destinations to discover and plan their next road trip.

Becoming parents — the moment that changes our lives forever. If you know a couple who is expecting, there is no better gift than a cartel customized newborn sign with all the baby's details. A unique present to remember their most incredible adventure forever.

Calendario polaroid en mesa

Unique Corporate Gifts

It's hard to choose when it comes to getting a gift for a group of people, as everyone has different personalities and tastes. That's why, when the time comes, a company should opt for a useful and elegant product with added value.

A retro calendar in Polaroid format with personalized photos is an easy solution. Practical and functional, it is the perfect detail to decorate the desk or to consult meetings and appointments when needed.

Alternatively, a