5º Chakra: Vishuddha

5º Chakra: Vishuddha

It is located near the great pyramids of Giza, Mount Sinai and the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Considered as "the wailings of the mother or the voice of the planet asking for help". It urges us to express our voice and to listen to the voice of the Earth.

The throat chakra gives voice to the heart chakra and controls our ability to communicate our power. When it's functioning at full capacity, it allows us to express ourselves truly and clearly. Someone with a blocked throat chakra will feel like having trouble finding the words to say how they truly feel.

Body Location: Throat

What it controls: Communication, self-expression, and truth

Mantra: "I speak my truth, always."

Colour: Light Blue/Turquoise

Element: Ether

Stone: Aquamarine

When it develops: 29-35 years old

In our Woody Map Namaste World you will find this and the other chakras, marked both on the human body and the world, with the colours that represent them. Mark them on your map with our stickers.

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